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Smurfy500 Video premier's tonight 7pm l South African Time . We've put a lot of hard work into this. But once it finished I've not had time to thank everyone that was involved enough as my responsibilities have shifted to my actual job!
A massive thanks to HB Kruger, Mornay van Heerden, Adolph Krige for all the hard work and support. And obv.Lincoln King Cycle Nation for the sponsorships, Rika Joubert for all the nice pictures. Ciovita for the wonderful design and clothes. Sox for supporting our feet.
And lastly to Craig Bezuidenhout from the Road Rangers keeping everyone some. And Koos Van Tonder & Janet Oosthuysen
for all their hard work and contribution to the event & making it run fluently.
Thanks you so much Alex Jouvikin for catching all the emotions on film ? and that you did not get robbed before you left otherwise you were our problem ?
Cheers mate.