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The first World Cup of 2016 is in the books, and it was a wonderfully muddy, messy way to kick off the season! Peaty got some World Cup points, Minnaar finished 15th, and Ratboy pulled off a top-10 finish, with a 6th place result. Lourdes is quickly establishing itself as a first class venue with a rough, challenging track. Conditions were wet all week, but the sun was shining on Sunday’s finals. With spectators lining the course, the hills were alive with the sounds of chain saws, bells, and horns, and could be heard miles away. In the final, Loic Bruni was two seconds faster than race leader Aaron Gwin when in the last sector he lost control of the bike and dashed his hopes of a win in his home country. The Syndicate fellows stayed more or less upright in the slop, and are tuned up for the next stop in Cairns. Photo credit: Sven Martin/Santa Cruz Syndicate